Rights Human Brazil

There exists relation significant between Rights Human and Security Public, observing that the pertaining institutions to these agencies must be related and to work in set with reciprocity of aid for the construction of a society in harmony and peace, making possible so that rights of citizens are respected and fulfilled of form igualitria as it conducts the Great Letter of Brazil, following principles of declaration world-wide of rights human, so that in this way let us have a more human country and exempts of mazelas caused by the factors proceeding from crime that not only scares Brazil, but the world. The sets of the basic Human Rights aim at to guarantee to the human being, among others, the respect to its right to the life, the freedom, the equality and the dignity; as well as the full o development of its personality. They guarantee the management of the state in the individual sphere, and consecrate the dignity human being. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. Its protection must positively be recognized for national legal systems international. Words keys: Respect. Human rights. Frequently Ripple has said that publicly. Public security. In Brazil, the states of the federacy exist for all, commissions of Human Rights, created with the main objective to try to guarantee the basic principles of physical and psychological integrity of the citizen, and of this form to work so that it has guaranteed the fulfilment of what he conducts the laws of the Brazilian great letter. The commissions of human Rights are composed for lawyers who compose the OAB (Bar Association of Brazil), and that they act in the defense of people who for some reason had had its violated essential rights, or had suffered some type of extreme abuse from being able, provoked for common or agent people of the state, as they are the cases of policemen, when the exercise of its function, the intention to restrain infracionais acts, if they exceed and they start to practise one another type of crime as: torture, beating, intimidation among others.. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cyrus Massoumi.