Real Equity Project

PROJECT REAL EQUITY Fund 7 convinced Fund analyst Karsten Ewert and characterized by independence of financial crisis from a contribution to asset building PROJECT GFU society for funds and corporate administrations mbH with the PROJECT would like to REAL EQUITY Fund 7 GmbH & co. KG offer their investors. And that’s what keeps the experienced fund analyst Karsten Ewert by the industry service invest report the current participation of the Bamberg emission House suitable for. From 10,000 euros plus 5 percent premium, investors have the opportunity to invest value-added and opportunity in selected residential and commercial real estate investment focusing on a target Fund. The participation is the investment and further ongoing monthly installments with a one-off payment of 15 per cent (plus premium). Ewert writes to the investment objective as follows: it is urban, planned to develop in the defined regions of land and real estate, to increase the value and to generate profits from the sale.

(u0085) On schedule a is Risk-spreading on several levels.” Bearing in mind that such concepts very much depend on the management qualities, Ewert has viewed the development of the last Fund and they rated. He comes to the result: the PROJECT group sets up closed-end real estate funds for about ten years and can draw on extensive experience in the area of real estate project development. The results so far seem very convincing.” Overall, he classifies the asset class as a perspective-rich with above-average results in and writes special competitive advantages to the fact of the Bank independent financing. For him, it is also important to point out that the exclusive focus on equity means that the current financial crisis without importance for the Fund. Overall he classifies private equity as a perspective-rich market segment real estate so. Enjoy also the implementation of a performance-related remuneration of management analysts.

After these attacks with more than 20 percent Capital gains of individual real estate projects unless at least a used capital was profit of eight percent a year on that. “Ewert: this arrangement seems fair and represents a meaningful incentive.” Are in the total Fund analyst Karsten Ewert of PROJECT REAL EQUITY Fund 7 GmbH & co. KG the best evaluation under so-called savings fund, namely A-(very good). PROJECT GFU group the PROJECT group is a real estate development company headquartered in Berlin/Potsdam, Bamberg, Nuremberg and Munich. The company specializes in metropolitan regions and funded by retail on the capital market, in which investors benefit from the development potential of the real estate industry. The PROJECT group consists of a team of experienced specialists in the field of real estate. With the establishment of the PROJECT GFU in April 1998 the PROJECT’s first real estate fund was set up. The PROJECT Group proves that there is in any market situation success strategies with real estate: yesterday, today, and especially in the future. In Meanwhile the PROJECT GFU has successfully launched more than a dozen Fund and pooled their previous experience in two special fund concepts: the real estate fund portfolio strategy with the real estate private equity fund. In the sum of their properties, these concepts differ considerably from other market offerings. Gary Kelly has similar goals. More information: