Question Descent

It is difficult to express in words how much shorter recovery process for compared with the descent. You can compare this with the difference in power of creation and the power of the Creator. After the descent from the top down – it's forced descent from perfection to imperfection, it is extremely slow, since the clip must be very gradually open up and remove themselves from holiness. While our bottom-up action is actually happening at light speed. And so did the following question arises: how is it possible that now we must climb up not billions of years, and can do this for a few years. We are really able to do it even for a few months, weeks or days rather than over several years. It's easy and close. Because here the influence of light, goodness, which disclosed in an imperfect state.

We are required only the first 'click'. Just understand that our actions and our participation in the correction – no more than a drop of semen requires the mother and father, to begin to develop. Imagine a measure of our cries, demands a measure of each of us to be reclaimed soul – like a drop of semen, which screams, cries, begs and pleads with a man with a woman to give her the opportunity to begin to develop. No more of this required of us. Everything else is a higher power. Crisis – the revelation of the spiritual Question: You said that the current state of the world we are already in a climate, just do not feel it.