Car Washes Theory

In my previous article "How to start car wash business in Russia is" a question arose about the correct choice of equipment. About where, how and at what vendors to choose equipment for car, I will describe in this paper, based on its experience which was accumulated over the years, as well as the experience of their colleagues and business partners. Come to this "problem" with the consumer's perspective and see through his eyes. In our country there are numerous brands of equipment for car washes. Harvesting, washing machines sold in almost every provincial city and beyond. In many cities there are many firms, the so-called dealers, who are professionally engaged in this.

These dealers are in mostly by representatives of the Moscow firms and suppliers are working on the Moscow retail prices. In specialized exhibitions in Moscow is going to a lot of companies selling car wash equipment, and representing various international brands: Karcher, Delvir, Portotecnica, Nilfisk Alto, Wap, Hako, Sirio, Lavor Pro, ipc, Kranzle and many others. In Russia, there are dozens of brands of equipment, and many people still call it a Karcher, Karcher, Kersher etc. Karcher – this is one of the oldest brands, with promoted world-renowned, with large production facilities in different countries. But the question now is not about him. The essence of these shows is clear to all – is advertising their company and their product, getting a new customer base and build a dealer network. If you choose the equipment for his car wash at a specialized exhibition in Moscow or another city, or maybe the dealer Muscovy Company, pay attention to the following aspects: Production history: in what country produces the equipment (many brands are not going to write who produce equipment in China and Turkey, reducing their spending on expensive labor force in Europe), in which he founded even dealers.