Quality Tilers

Your decision was made in laying tile in some areas? If you do not know how to lay tile, you will immediately see a search wizard, a master of tiling called – tiler. In our time in the labor market much proposals to implement the installation of the tiles, but alas not all of them lead the quality work done. As in any work of all employees want to get more for their work, and we as customers want cheaper to pay for work. The wizard will test your knowledge in the construction industry, and as the conversation, it will determine your knowledge, and will depend on price. Rather, it will be too high, and you will try to cheat. Need to know now is how many Work on laying the tile. For the current year work for one square meter is an average of 20 ye that does not include training, preparation includes: removal of old tiles (if any), plaster walls (if you have the curves of the surface), and removal of construction debris. If the removal of old tiles takes an average of 3 ye per square meter, over the plaster takes 6-10 ye, depending on the layer.

That means the average will ye 30 per square meter. Inquire about prices as much as possible in a larger number of tilers. As the conversation did not hesitate to ask many questions. No need to assure that the tiler you are immediately ready to use its services, on a straight line to just say call back. Record numbers and Prices per square meter and any additional information. Only after that select and call numbers 3.2 to estimate the amount of work. This means that everyone will consider the tiler arrives and name the price. To do this, 2.3 tiler, and then already have a choice on price. If you still do not like the price then continue the search in the order that is written above.