Purpose Multilevel Guide

Receives greetings from Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez) this letter it sent me a networker of my list and I took the freedom to copy it as is. Only than before that the read I love carried to reflect:-can you imagine having your own business? -Can you imagine that you spend to serve others? -Can you imagine having a life with purpose and not only seek to earn big money? -Can you imagine to help people achieve their financial dreams? -Can you imagine helping people to have a life with purpose? -Can you imagine being happy? -Can you imagine you feel full? -Can you imagine give, give, give and give? -Do you think that everything is fast, easy and enjoyable? -Can you imagine that job? -Imagnas Te that actually exist? Because if it exists, probably are in, it is MLM (multilevel), it is the internet, because that is the way that I decided to take, it is not only money for money is money to help you to have a life with purpose. What taste you’re here. What taste you want to give. What taste that doesn’t fit your heart in your chest. What a pleasure that you want to be happy. What a pleasure that your life has purpose, help, wealth, abundance, love.

With all this said, now if you agree with this letter: the paradox of our time is that we have taller buildings and smaller temperaments, wider roads and points of view closer. We spend more but we have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have houses more large and smaller families, greater comfort and less time. We have more degrees but less common sense, greater knowledge but less capacity for judgment, more experts but more problems, better medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too, squander too, laughed a little, drove very fast, we get angry too, reveal us too, woke up tired, read very little, we see too much TV and pray very rarely.