Senate, Congress, Wall Street

After the first attempt bankrupt, the Congress of the EE.UU is debating the approval again of megaplan of rescue. The first acid test already surpassed the same successful that was the Senate (74 votes against 25) and the next Friday will go by the revenge in the House of Representatives. One of first in celebrating the good news was neither the more nor less than George Bush. The London newspaper Financial Times rescued the following words of the president of the EE.UU., once approved the plan in the Senate: Aplaudo to the Senate by its fort vote of both parties in favor of the plan of financial rescue. Bush added: the North American town delay, and our economy it demand, that the Camera approves this good law this week and sends table. But contrary to the declared thing by Bush, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, showed yesterday the manifestation of American citizens against the approval of the rescue plan. The same had managed to reunite 23,000 companies against this plan in only two days. Many angry American citizens with the possibility that their taxes are used to save to the financial system initiated contacts with some senators to avoid that the initiative prospers.

The presidential candidate by the democratic party Barack Obama understood that, in case of arriving at the presidency, the best thing was that this plan of rescue is materialized for in this way, to avoid to have to take the mandate from a country in ruins. It is for that reason that could be seen in the last days having one active participation in obtaining that the project prospers as soon as possible. The problem of Obama was how not to make anger the voters after to support the use of its taxes for the plan of rescue of the financial organizations.