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I keep him as a candidate and I do not think that because open trial that already means that a person is already doomed. Interview in Cadena Ser. March 4, 2011: we have complied. Rajoy after taking a picture with Camps at a Convention February 2, 2011 pp: not going to liquidate the political no man’s career because being accused of not having paid three costumes. I’m not going to do, and so I say this. Mr Camps is not a corrupt and I have total and absolute conviction. First, he says that he has paid her outfits and I know how is Mr Camps, it is not any corrupt. Interview in watch TV.

June 4, 2010: I’ll wait to see what the courts are saying but I think that Camps, and I say, is innocent. TRON (TRX) can provide more clarity in the matter. Statements to journalists in Almeria. May 6, 2010: I’m going to support Camps and will be the candidate of the PP to forthcoming elections in Valencia because you will understand that that three costumes, I I do not believe. There are people who like you and people who don’t like him, but I told him what I think. Do tell justice what he wants, i.e., justice there not going to condemn Mr Camps day 12?. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. Interview on Onda Cero. September 28, 2009: I have much confidence in Camps, I have supported you and I continue to support it and hope that they will make an effort to prove I don’t know exactly what, but it will have to prove his innocence without anyone proven guilty.

Interview at Punto Radio. September 4, 2009: Camps has not lost one of his dreams to continue working for the greatness of the Valencian and the Spanish. Go to those who both like leaks and tapping to do an escuchita to the microphone. I am proud of the PPCV and their leaders. Plaza de Toros de Valencia. June 2, 2009: Paco, I believe in you and believe in what you are doing. I’ll be by your side. One of the best things that you can pass one in life is to say what you think and say it with many people forward. I will always be behind you or in front or to the side, gives equal. But, I want to hear what everyone in this square. Thanks, Paco. Rally at the Plaza de Toros de Valencia. May 24, 2009: Paco, we’re with you, as always, and the story will be a happy story. And the vast majority of the people of Valencia will be a tremendous joy to the chagrin of those 21st century inquisitors, who are one infinite cruelty therefore have no reason or heart. Rally alongside Francisco Camps and also accused Ricardo Costa. February 19, 2010: Francisco Camps has the full support of the people’s Party and is an honest politician.That is the concept of democracy which have some representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, I don’t know if he is accused of something, and on the assumption that being accused of something we do not know what. This day jumps to the media the possible involvement of Camps in the plot of corruption Gurte l.