Project Pedagogical Politician

It is observed that, in fact, the school not yet possesss its Project Pedagogical Politician, perhaps and this is the result of the diversity of opinions how much to the importance of its elaboration and application, that is, not yet exists excessively integrant a norteador axle where all the faculty and of this process can take as base. We still ask to the managers what they understand for participation and which the involved citizens in the process of elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician. Second they, ' ' participation is synonymous of action, cooperation, contribution, to make to happen, therefore the school is not place for expectadores' ' (Managing aid). how much to the involved ones in the construction process, they had affirmed to be the representatives of all the segments of the pertaining to school community: , teaching, learning, managing public agents and collegiate pertaining to school (parents), being that the parents have a short while lesser participation that excessively, had, some times, to have incompatibility of schedules. We understand that nor always it is possible that all are congregated to argue, to reflect, to analyze, at last to participate of the elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician, however it is of basic importance that has an effective participativa action so that the concept of participation either understood and internalizado clearly by this community. In the questions destined to the parents, we ask what they understand for participation and perceive that practically all possess concept the same. For they, participation mean to follow the performance of the children, to take and to search the son in the school, to be present in the meetings of parents to sign bulletin of the children as well as participating of the commemorative dates organized by the school. We also ask, if they participate of the rules of the school and as they make this.