PROJECT Fund Group Increases Sales

The situation at the offerings of closed-end funds is still critical. 19.7.2010, Bamberg, Nuremberg. Thus, the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht confirmed a reduction in the approved fund size in the first half of 2010 by 25 percent compared with the same period last year. Real estate funds to contribute this bear with 42.9 percent of the total pie, Announces Euro Feri rating services. Declining approval numbers are always an indicator of lack of demand. About this problem the PROJECT Fund group needs to worry, because the Bamberg based company 2010 more than doubled its revenues in the first half of the year.

We are in our plans for this year and pleased that our real estate concept is so well accepted by our distributors and their customers”, explains Wolfgang Dippold. The PROJECT Fund Group issued, managed and marketed Fund concepts that are independent of the financial market and the stock market with its consistent strategy of equity capital. Another special feature is invested exclusively in real estate in growth phases. These are for example the new building or the revitalization of objects. Thanks to the most rapid sales using proprietary, hired real estate sellers, is the capital of investors in the projects usually only for a short period of time and works most effectively.

Across all real estate projects, an average return could be generated so far before profit sharing of the company of 18 percent per year. We see that the investors have become very much more demanding and prefers to invest in investments with a manageable period of time. Additionally, the business concept must be understood the investors want to know what happens with their money. We see these points with us”, Daniel explains his view. On tangible”real estate there is no shortage of Group of companies doing really. In addition to many residential ensembles, with project development amounting to 124 are millions of euros are marketing another 30 million euros at real estate volume currently in the acquisition. While the Metropolitan Nuremberg, Furth, Erlangen and Berlin, Potsdam are the focus. With regard to the distribution of the funds is PROJECT however nationwide and provides training to the real estate professional or the expert. More information: