Pilot Project

Untergrundliga.de brings together potential and packaged it as audio CD Nuremberg (ck) a unique project is nearing completion. After months of work, the first audio CD whose Inhalt characterized entirely by talented members of any Internet community will appear in February 2009. “With 14 titles in the genres of hip hop/rap / RN B” shows that under the influence of large record labels has far more to offer the Germany Untergrundliga.de than music, and is published in the gloss of celebrity on the public. To 1000 pieces Limited Edition with the title underground League sampler volume 1 “should show, the artist without financial basics, contacts, regardless of origin, social environment and education, equivalent have the chance to make a difference and to achieve. With the launch of Untergrundliga.de in the first half of 2008 also laid the foundation stone for this project. The idea was a Community (community) for talented people of any kind to make it to promote and support. It is important to integrate our members actively in our projects to us. Only together can the desired achievements and results obtained are.

“, so Chris Crumb of the initiator of the Internet platform. The audio project is not the financial gain but only to promote the artist and promotional purposes. Revenues arising from the sale, are sensibly invested in the sense of the artist and to also ensure that this project be continued and implemented more. The sampler can be reserved online under untergrundliga.de/pre-order at the pre-sale price of 4.95 euros. Also, the shipping costs in advance. The regular sale price is 5.50 euros plus shipping costs. There are 871 piece available. Chris crumb