Intranet Project Nominated

shows alutec metallwaren with Intrexx portal on in production as well as controlling operational processes alutec new ways metal goods on innovative solutions. The intranet project of the company for the BestPractice-IT award 2009 was not in vain “nominated. With its Intrexx portal, utilizing its database as well as the processing of workflows could improve alutec. Freiburg, the 15 July 2009. nowhere in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Nothing on the website of alutec metallwaren GmbH & co. KG is this quote of the French writer Victor Hugo. The companies operating in the District of Enz uses in the manufacture of cooling elements, filter screens, drive elements, and other products made of aluminium not only highly innovative processing, but also exceptional solutions of it to optimize its business processes. After the address of the company due to lack of scalability was reached its limits and adjustments would have been too expensive by the manufacturer, it was looking for an alternative and found them in the sector-neutral portal software Intrexx of the Freiburg software company United planet (

In contrast to the old address database, Intrexx settled suit needs of alutec metallwaren quickly and easily to the. With Intrexx we have merged previously distributed information into digital workflow processes that previously existed on paper, and integrates current data from the PPS and the PDC system. Requirements from the various departments can be implemented quickly with the software in new applications; existing applications can be at any time simply adapt to changing needs”, Holger rad summarizes the benefits of the new system, which brought the company even the BestPractice-IT Award nomination. Both the integration of data as well the transition to the new system worked smoothly and could be made within a very short time. Due to the ease of use of the Portal was hardly training for employees. The various applications of the portal now simplify the processes within the company significantly. An application in the Portal allows now, for example, the timely evaluation of production numbers. So, the Sales Department has at any time in sight, what quantity of a product can be delivered directly. Any problems in the production can be identified in this way also quickly and fixed. Apply for business cards and the approval of overtime are more processes that are conducted now quickly and easily via the intranet. At find the complete user-report of alutec metallwaren and more success stories from companies of different industries de / cases.