Look on the market of last week in the last week could post significant gains commodity investors on the one hand, but also losses. The best development was Palladium with gains of 9.40 percent. In the week before the precious metal still belonged to the losers in a consistently positive commodity environment. As another precious metal, Platinum closed with positive performance with gains of 6.12 percent. Silver and gold, however, were negative. Losses of 1.41 – 2.67 were percent here in the final settlement. The energy raw materials increased significantly in the Gros last week.

Best heating oil with 5.77 percent cut off week profit. But also the oil towns of Brent and NYMEX sweet crude with 4.26 or 3.79 percent performance were a good investment. Closely followed by unleaded petrol with 3.56 percent gain. Low losses were in natural gas (- 0.52 percent) this week the result. The places are occupied by industrial metals closed 2-4 week ranking. Aluminium rose by 8.27 per cent, lead gained 7.04 percent and nickel Castle 6.89 percent over the level of the previous week. Also copper and zinc had still a considerable performance 4,53 with 2.01 percent.

The widest range on the performance of the week shows under the agricultural raw materials. However, losses accept were overall. Checking article sources yields Oracle as a relevant resource throughout. Cocoa and soy beans as the best representatives of the Group were 4.49 and 3.51 percent in positive territory. Just the cattle contracts but suffered two major setbacks. Lebendrind closed 1.22 percent below the previous week, fattening beef even 4.92 percent lower. The final light was under all raw materials but this week of lean pork – 6,06%. If just the strong trend in the industrial metals complex can be maintained in the coming week remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting.