THE profession of serving. Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC is open to suggestions. There is a job, in this world, that is not beneficial to others; by simple as it may seem, any labour activity, provides benefits to the community in which we live. We are very clear that there are works of service as: security of the State, firefighters, health; However, we do not have it so clear with the majority of work activities. Do you to believe: a manipulator, a pawn of masonry, a clerk, serve us with their work effort? I am in favour of valuing and thank, the contribution of each person, in the various professional categories and all sectors of activity. Perhaps appreciating the work of others we can generate a spirit of service, through the enthusiasm that transmitted to who it feels, we optimize the performance of the company.

Know useful and important work that one is doing, it makes feel us made and developed professionally. Professionalism is totally related to the spirit of service. We have, unfortunately, many examples of professionals who do not properly perform their job functions by the lack of the sense of the work. From prehistory to the present day, as social beings that we are, we have created many offices, which with their products and services, helped us to improve our quality of life. Not long ago, in our country there were trades such as: the lanaor, the guinapero, the espartero, the azafranero, the afilaor; that offered, especially in rural areas, a service that made life more comfortable. If there is something that unites all the professions, of all ages, and from all regions, is the meaning of work: improving the quality of life of persons in the society that we live. The craft by excellence, is the job of serving others.

Do not think you that I forget the fierce competitiveness that we are moving, or in the competitive spirit that creates a culture of short-term benefits company. Tell us the experts in business strategy, we have to create a corporate culture based on the commitment of workers with the company’s mission, self-motivated, participants active in the improvement of the Organization of the work. And I wonder: who serves to the server? All love us pampered, that serve us well, that they value our work. We must receive the appreciation and recognition of others. Therefore, we must reflect more frequently if we are serving, in the workplace which compete us, as we would like us serve. Original author and source of the article.