New Generation

By | November 20, 2014

Challenges and practical tips for the use of social media in the shopping, study of the consultancy h & z Munich, may 10, 2012, a skill that is becoming increasingly important in the profession, is dealing with social media. Yet that primarily concerns the area of marketing and sales and especially the consumer goods industry. But the characters change. A new study of management consulting h & z shows approaches to succeed social media also in the shopping. Proper use not only productivity, but leads to faster, innovative developments”is Ralf Schulz, partner at h & z, sure. However, new skills are in demand to the new benefits of social media in the innovation process, to be able to use in risk management or in the supplier selection and evaluation. The younger generation which has grown up with the Internet, is here clear advantage.

For them was a real child’s play”the acquisition of new skills. Otherwise, it looks at the today’s generation of managers. With an average age from 45 to 50 years old, it must make an effort, to keep up and specifically to learn the new skills. Learn from the boys: how social media is turning to roll the older employees learned the young beginner earlier, are reversed the roles in the topic of social media. That evokes vielerseits skepticism and dislike and the biggest challenge is to establish social media at work. “Some reservations and fear run ‘ before the new media to abstruse developments, as for example when large automotive groups block the use of social media in the enterprise”, Ioan Brumer says advisers at h & such a ban but has never been a solution in the development process of enterprises. Rather training and a code of conduct for the use of social media are goal-oriented.” Developments in the purchasing process: flat hierarchies, open structures, and digital service providers along with the natural rejuvenation in purchasing departments change ways of working and communication behavior.

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