NASA Project Manager

Mars Observer is a spacecraft built by the Americans to take a look at Mars. After arduous days, scientists of the national administration of Aeronautics and space (NASA) put on sidewalk to Mars Observer and largaron to the sky with a precise mission: looking at Mars from back and front, photograph it from below and above. The Mars Observer was not one click camera; Suffice it to say that with her he could grasp a Vokswagen from a height of 375 kilometres. It can be assumed that there are things more worthy of the curiosity of a spacecraft on Mars. As they built it, the spacecraft did not say or pio. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rory Sutherland is the place to go. But as soon as he knew that a high engineering had her fitted with a conscience that could differentiate the NASA of their own plans, he deduced that one thing to be scrap metal on the planet Earth and quite another a shiny probe into stellar spaces.

So he prepared their elytra, reviewed their innumerable computerized data and undertook a flight that everyone believed triumphal, and really was, because from that He received the bottle in the crib Mars Observer lived obsessed with the idea of lookout final horizon, the infinity. Build it and train it to a delicate mission, NASA had spent thousand million dollars, which is not no joke even for the Yankees, albeit a Bicocca to a spaceship, finally and after a probe is a beautiful being that he makes the human fly beyond the domains of imagination dream. As a result, instead of turning around Mars, Mars Observer felt the temptation to sneak, attracted to mysteries that scientists at NASA have no idea. What Mars nor what eight bathrooms! trino Mars Observer after take a picture of the Earth to save it as a precious souvenir of the planet where it was built. While the space probe enfilaba towards the mouth of infinity, Arden outrageous act of NASA Project Manager yelled: it’s terrible! Since the Saturday we know nothing of it; yesterday did not communicate with the Tower of control, as he assured that he would do so. Will fired its thrusters to position in the orbit of Mars? Hopefully does not commit the folly of remain silent! what Mars nor what Ambrose rifle! He returned to whining Mars Observer while he took thousand photographs of the Earth and finally attacked a task that outrageous Arden Act, in Pasadena, had not foreseen: the exploration of the universe on their own, in an autonomous flight for the first time, and with the breath of eternity.