Fairvesta Congratulates This Year

Fairvesta group of companies is the Tubingen with the result of the DKM 2010 as the leading trade fair for free agents in the finance and insurance industry very satisfied so more qualified interviews were carried out at the fairvesta booth this year than in previous years. Even though we represent are still the minority with closed-end funds in the framework of this exhibition, however, many brokers and consultants contributed to purposeful our booth, to learn about the latest developments at fairvesta”, Otmar Knoll declared Secretary of fairvesta. The resonance was benefit also, that fairvesta has since last month in addition to the holdings of the closed its first thing worth protected real estate bond in the offer. The Maximus”fairvesta opens also the consultants in terms of mutual funds in addition to the target group of the investment sales. Overall we could determine that from our point of view, while slightly fewer visitors were present, that the quality has risen clearly”, so Knoll. The Tubingen company welcomes this trend, of course, that has specialized since 2002 on trade in real estate and, its own way of training in the frame of the Seige Haugen Academy offers. fairvesta stands for quality, this should show up in the consultations,”the fairvesta frontman explains confidently.

Right, Knoll is also the decision of the Organizer Knorrer and Neumann to cover more topics in the context of the DKM. With the Congress IT was meaningful way picked up an additional area, which increasingly has the financial services. We also spend a significant part of our income for the further development of the data processing and consulting software”, he explains. Several visitors and exhibitors share this assessment. fairvesta, who already participated for the umpteenth time on the DKM fair plans so their participation for the coming year. The DKM is a must-attend event where the industry can show its relevance’, so Knoll.