More Customer Loyalty Through Prepaid Energy Services

Solvency of customers in emergency situations ensuring Paderborn (Germany), August 16, 2011: offering prepaid energy services, is similar to the well-known prepaid system in the mobile sector, on course for growth. This solution brings benefits both customers and utilities, such as for example the energy supply for non-creditworthy consumers against advance payment. Orga systems, #1 provides with the SmartEnergySuite choice for real-time charging and billing, exactly the right solution for this growing customer segment. Based on the flexibility of the platform product TL gold enables Orga systems, to provide pre-paid energy services and in addition important features such as emergency charges on a temporary loan. Dynamic, detailed and individual rating, as well as real-time billing are guaranteed at all times. Emergency boot: energy use if expired credit ORGA Systems’ solution prevents that customers inadvertently assign a power lock, they should no budget in the short term more available or a charge in time have made. In such cases, there is the possibility to make use of emergency charges and temporary loans. Prepaid accounts enabling the purchase of energy clients without having to go through a credit check or entered a security.

Blocking a customer, on the basis of short-term financial difficulties or simply his failure is always linked to high costs for the utilities. To reduce the number of these cases, energy providers now have the ability to seamlessly switch to their customers on a short-term credit mode and to remember that only a limited period for the recharge remains them before the lock takes effect them through a series of SMS notifications. ORGA Systems’ real-time convergent platform of shipping charge registered the credit utilised and automatically pulls the appropriate amount from the next made boot. For this Credit service”, it is possible to charge a fee. Introduce objectives in terms of cost reduction and profit increase by using the SmartEnergy suite of orga systems are utilities capable of, so-called real time prepayment utility services”successfully in the market. At the same time can a power lock by customers or avoids problems with unpaid bills.

The key to this is the central IT-based system, that ensures a precise price determination and prevents fraud by introducing prepayment models. * Orga Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing. The convergent real-time charging and billing-portfolio from ORGA Systems opens up lucrative business telecommunication companies, suppliers of mobile financial services and utilities. The products and consulting services from Orga systems are designed for living in a networked world. World’s lowest rating latency, scalable design, outstanding performance and consistent customer orientation ensure reliable access to any mobile next-generation services. Since 1994, more than 40 customers trust with over 350 million end customers at ORGA systems and achieve competitive advantage in their industry: reduced OPEX, launch in real time, short-term ROI and profitable access to new value chains. For more information see Contact: Orga Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Yasmin Yaqub Marketing Manager PR & press