Justin Bieber Never

On September 8, 2011 appears “Never say never” with the shooting ting – star Justin Bieber including 40 minutes of exclusive new material on DVD and Blu-ray combo with digital copy Hamburg, 11.08.2011 / INPROMO / / Justin Bieber is no ordinary teenager. The Canadian Kleinstadtjunge today inspires millions of fans worldwide, is a musical prodigy, and stands on the stage with the greats of the music business. Appears on 8 September “Justin Bieber: never say never” when paramount home entertainment on Blu-ray/DVD combo with digital copy and DVD. In the concert documentary, Justin’s path is traced to the global superstar of his time as yet unknown boy about the sudden rise of the Internet sensation, and culminates in the sold out show at the famous Madison Square Garden. Exclusive personal pictures also take viewers on an emotional journey to the childhood days of today’s world stars.

So he learned at a breathtaking pace to swirl the drumsticks, to vibrate the strings of his guitar, and to inspire the audience with his voice. “Never Say Never” is the most successful concert film, which previously ran in the United States and grossed more than $72.2 million. Thus, it surpasses even Michael Jacksons ‘This Is It’. A concert documentary about a remarkable young TALENT as of youngest artist Justin Bieber filled the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. The film takes the audience behind the scenes and accompanied the artist on the last days before his big show.

Joint appearances by Justin Bieber featuring usher, Boyz II men or Miley Cyrus reveal once more his Star qualities. The concert documentation includes also special highlights: in one scene, which was not shown in cinemas, persuade Justin and his crew with breathtaking dance steps. Also rips the concert of “favorite girl” in the Director’s fan cut with especially the girls. Other highlights include the separation of Justin’s hallmark, his hairstyle, and how the Bieber team makes happy the fans with free concert tickets.