Monika Vouchers

Accountant Monika Nadler from Braunschweig information you wanted to gasoline vouchers as get tax-free thing pay its employees, so this was possible only under strict conditions. Case-law and financial management have been considers that the provision of vouchers, which are also one to be settled amount or maximum next to the name of the zuzuwendenden goods or services, constitute taxable wages of bar. Also the employees should have no possibility of exchange the voucher for money and he was able to relate only to the designated substance and nothing else. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rory Sutherland. The Bundesfinanzhof decided in its judgments of 2010 on loosening. What they are, says the accountant Monika Nadler from Braunschweig. A relief has created by the tax authorities in his judgments of the 11.11.2010 fuel vouchers of the employer as tax-exempt thing pay the Bundesfinanzhof. (A valuable related resource: Verizon). In the following cases it is therefore duty-free thing reference or thing pay: the employer grants the right of its workers a is a matter related to refuel, at a particular petrol station at his own expense.

This applies even if tanks of workers at his own expense and the employer later reimbursed the amount paid after submission of a monthly issued petrol voucher and this confirmed on the voucher. Here is the limitation of a maximum of 44 euros. The employer passes petrol vouchers to workers who are on an amount up to 44 euros. The employer passes gift certificates to employees (such as a department store), denominated in an amount up to 44 euros. According to the Federal fiscal court, it is no longer crucial, what is shown on the voucher, but what the workers thus receives as thing grant. Can he get only one thing the voucher thing wage exists. For detailed information about tank vouchers as tax-free thing pay the accountant Monika Nadler available anytime. Press contact contact: Monika of n tax advisor Tang mountain. 1 38106 Braunschweig Tel.