Repetition – The Mother Of Learning !

Many of those who once studied a foreign language and then a long time not worked, the language almost forgotten. It turns out, you think, if there are no plans to go abroad, where you will always speak in a foreign or find a job related to communication with other people, whether in general language to do? Sense something out of it what? But please do not jump to conclusions, because the knowledge gained in foreign language courses or during self-directed learning, in truth, do not evaporate completely, but only preserved brain to better times, ie knowledge, these are passive. For even more opinions, read materials from Gary Kelly. So, if you language skills over time lost, do not worry: After all, when you start to learn the language again, the training, firstly, will go much faster (after all, if repeated material is absorbed much better), and secondly, you know the language at a higher level (after all, only on the repetition traversed is unlikely to stop you and certainly will learn many new things). And do not hesitate to repeat it all over again: there is no shame here, and please be assured that power, time and possibly money you spend is not wasted. In teaching this technique is called "repetition" – see, even scientists have recognized the consistency of this method of learning!