Minimalism: ideas that have returned to this unique movement are based on the concept that work is brought into its fundamental aspects, and to submit discovered those integral parts of self expression. Other disciplines Besides visual art have been affected by the ideas of minimalism, and acted beyond this aesthetic, creating new and different ways to interpret the literature and even life itself. In regards to painting, the typical minimalist frames used schemes rather limited colors and designs with simple geometric shapes. Minimalist sculpture focuses on the materials used. Considered for this movement phases are characterized by having made progress the general conception of minimalism. The distillation of the forms was the first phase, where taxpayers clamoring that to generate a universal language of art, the masses should understand it easily, and seemed ready to support the rapid industrialization for the particular setting of the time.

carpets looking for purity of shape, and paving the way for abstraction, allowing that the second phase of the movement came. Many of the formats for the commercial art that you see today has a large portion of background that should this movement in particular visual art, allowing us to understand at a fundamental level what is the message the artist is trying to convey. Most of the signs and signals that we find today depend on the idea of translating the universal message in popular terms. We can easily see the influence of minimalism throughout the world, and we could even say that it is so involved in our society, that we can hardly see it.