Garnet Grinding Machines Chosen

Garnet grinding machine is widely used in area like metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals in areas such as grinding materials processing. Click Bernard Golden to learn more. Garnet grinding mill has excellent performance in garnet grinding. What s more, grinding ball mill also do well in grinding stones such as dolomite, gypsum, marble, dolomite, coal, iron ore, bauxite, copper ore, gold ore, gold ore and granite, etc. Grinding machine has six series: trapezium garnet grinding mill, high pressure garnet grinding mill, ball garnet grinding mill, coarse garnet powder grinding mill, vertical garnet grinding mill, Raymond grinding mill and supper thin grinding mill garnet garnet. As an abrasive garnet can be broadly divided in two categories, blasting grade and water jet grade.

The garnet, as it is mined and collected, is crushed to finer grains; all pieces which are larger than 60 mesh (250 micrometres) are normally used for sand blasting. The pieces between 60 mesh (250 micrometres) and 200 mesh (74 micrometres) are normally used for water jet cutting. The remaining garnet pieces that are finer than 200 mesh (74 micrometres) are used for glass polishing and lapping. Regardless of the application, the larger grain sizes are used for faster work and the smaller ones are used for finer houses. This material is particularly popular due to its consistent supplies, huge quantities and clean material. The common problems with this material are the presence of ilmenite and chloride compounds. Since the material is being naturally crushed and ground on the beaches for centuries past, the material is normally available in fine sizes only. Most of the garnet at the Tuticorin beach is 80 mesh, and ranges from 56 mesh to 100 mesh size.

Garnet has been mined in western Rajasthan for the past 200 years, but mainly for the gemstone grade stones. Abrasive garnet was mainly mined as a secondary product while mining for gem garnets and was used as lapping and polishing media for the glass industries. The host rock of the garnet here is garnetiferous mica schist and the total percentage of garnet is not more than 7% to 10%, which makes the material extremely costly and non economical to extract for non-gemstone applications. The cone crusher conducts a crushing operation in three primary stages, secondary and tertiary. This ensures production of aggregates with desirable physical characteristics. Using state-of-the-art cyclone washing system to wash sand, the silt content is reduced to the permissible limits. We provide complete crushers and screen machineries for producing all types of aggregate, we also can supply the complete turn-key aggregate production circuit.