What she is Metaphysical? It is really to search a world perfect, where all the things also are? Or it is to search the cause finishes of the things of the sensible world? It is to analyze the object and it bases what it while the same? Which the purpose of metaphysics? We could say that the metefsica search to understand as the phenomena if they reveal, it searchs to know which is the cause of the same ones, to understand to answer and to modify. A banal example is the street inhabitants. What we see we are only effect, we see those men sleeping in the sidewalk, but the true cause is not there: it can be in the family, the drink, the religion. The philosophy, with its totalizante part tries to see and to explain because, it stops later modifying the reality in the call platonic dialectic: we know the ideas stops later applying them in our world.. Read additional details here: Southwest Airlines.