Cynical popular he is that one that makes use of the jeering. The cynical philosopher was called dog. In the social pyramid he has cynical practitioners that they are unaware of philosophy, had not chosen a way of living and yes to survive. Consequences of a system, take life of dog, dog of street.

The cynical one (sarcastic) is in the top of the pyramid living the opposite of the philosophical theory, they do not live in barrels and yes in mansions. Many of them are there legally, supported for the democracy and cynical citizenship. It does not have nothing more static of what the social pyramid and it the faranicos principles are so materialistic how much. Lay analyzing it of – the fantasiosa idea that who is in the tip of the vertex will be arrived first at the sky, if you will not be skeptical you will believe that the last ones will be the first ones. We go to leave Egypt, to pass for Atenas and fixing in them here.

Volume as I recommence and end: Cynical. This word of two sources that divides space in the planet the same. But the opposites if attract when necessary or inevitably through natural processes of the life. At this definitive moment to each one, it does not have cynicism. mathematically, as well as one plus one is two, as well as number four represents justice. The game finishes and wins number four.