Mark Zuckerberg

Directed for David Fincher, that also directed ' ' The curious case of Benjamin Button' ' , and launched in 2010, ' ' The Social&#039 Net; ' it did not leave to desire and so far what it collected of the critics they had been compliments and awardings. Quoted as one of the favourites person or thing to the Oscar of better film it gained four gold globes (better film, director, script and sonorous track) beyond having its protagonist Jesse Eisenberg (it interprets Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the Facebook) elect as better actor for the national society of cinema critics. History some already knew, or for having read the book or for a moment of curiosity to have searched on the history of the bilionrio youngest of the world, that developed a social net that today counts on millions of users. Knowing it or not, the film beside the point is recommended that they search quality and entertainment to attend, or for that they intend to follow the Oscar in the last sunday of February, therefore it is the favourite person or thing of the year. Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is an analyst of systems graduated of Harvard that although to dominate the world ciberntico, not yet it found a way to make the same with its social relations. In the way of everything this starts to work in a project that would result in the creation of the Facebook and many processes. Mark is accused to plagiarize the idea and its better friend and partner who processes later it for having been removed of the actions of the company. Intercalating between these two processes it is as the film if it develops and it counts the plot shiningly. Thus justifying the heading of the poster of the film: ' ' You do not obtain 500 million friends without making some inimigos' '