Measured Angle

Polyhedrons: It tells that the geometric solids are forms of three dimensions limited for closed surfaces and are classified in polyhedrons and round bodies. A5? Studying Measured: It approaches the systems of existing measures as: MEASURE OF LENGTH, SURFACE, MEASURE OF VOLUME AND CAPACITY, AND MEASURE OF TIME. All with practical applicabilities and diverse examples with illustrations. B) In as the volume (7* year) the authors evidence the study of the angles. Learn more at this site: Allegiant Air. Justification: (Good) the majority of the old civilizations, as of the Egyptians, babilnios, Hindus and Chinese, already knew the figures geometric and had a necessary notion of angle. These knowledge were used mainly in the determination of the measure of area, in astronomy and the architecture.

Today, we frequently see its applications in civil engineering (inclined constructions of roads, slopes, walls), arios and maritime transports (orientation routes), space projects (launchings of fogetes), geographic letters (meridian and parallel of the Land) among others. In our daily one it is much more easy to verify in figures the angle idea. for classic definition says that angle is the region of the plan limited for two half-straight lines that have the same origin. The book deals with the questions with its empregabilidade in the social environment. C) In the third volume (8* year) the authors give continuity in the subjects on Geometry with bigger depth. Justification: (Good) They deal with the primitive concepts of the postulates and enters in the universe of the straight lines coplanares, transversal lines, parallel bars as well as, its tracings with proper instruments as ruler, compass and transferidor. In the study of the Polygons, it portraies its elements, diagonal lines, as well as adds of the measures of the internal and external angles of a polygon any its properties. Giving continuity to this study, adentra in Triangles and Quadrilaterals, with applications, concepts and Interdisciplinaridade. It dives in the space of the Circumference and Circle with exercises and instrumentalizao.