Our television channels in abierta signal, every day are worse. Instead of to improve the contents in its programmings, the thing is getting worse. The live programs are being plagued of personages of doubtful sexual and moral tendency. We have the case of Magaly Medina, Carlos Piece, chola Chabuca, Jaime Bayly, I veto humorous Ortiz, programs where the travestismo grazes in the fields everywhere (except for excellent exceptions in the programming). In the middle of this animalesco panorama of our local television, the question for all that one exists that has a certain analytical sense of the subject: Will be real, everything they show what us in the screens? For the sake of defending the freedom of press, it has been gotten to think that all bond, and that nothing can be prohibited.

When the subject is not of prohibition but of conviction. The freedom of press has become press libertinism. After listening, and seeing, last night Sunday 21 of February of the 2010, the program of Jaime Bayly, I want to dare to send a hypothesis of the subject, considering all this machine of being able in vain, as it is the television, (, do not call the fourth power ) and all this event I can describe, it of the following way: It was evident that the strategy to want to be like heterosexual, was not. Then, with the owner of the channel and in complicity with another program, they decided to make all a history, so that it seems real, and of that way, to raise the popularity of the writer (Jaime Bayly). way to see the things, Mr. Beto Ortiz, with an ample knowledge of all the legal one in Literature, could not transgress a fundamental principle of author right.

This detail demonstrates all the made history. All the subject of the novel of the friend of Jaime could be said that, is pure trick, so that it fits in the drama. The main and objective moving body of this serious miniseries chola : to make stay it as victim to Jaime, to raise its popularity. I am than safe more, than if it is not this week, or the other; all will request excuses, and the thing will continue, until it becomes to them to happen another thing stops to continue raising the popularity of the ill-fated candidate to the presidency. The creation of a new one is being developed and tremendous group of being able, of which we do not know who are their new members; safe, the owner of the channel, with Jaime Bayly and Beto Ortiz. This is logical, because the protagonists of these events are people with an ample knowledge in creating fiction histories. In order to verify that I am mistaken, Mr. Jaime Bayly, would have to go away indeed of channel two, and to work in channel eleven. This is not going to never happen, (unless this history begins to be deflated all, and truly come out ahead the true candidates to the presidency). Now everybody wants to be president, until I I want to be it and, why no?