Kirov Street

First, new shops and facilities and elevated appearance of the city, adjacent areas will clean up, decorated windows. Second, it provides additional coverage because of Kirov Street badly illuminated. Overall, therefore, creates a more pleasing, the city becomes more attractive. Artist by the nature of their employment finishes late, so it is convenient, if the house is close to work. I have a one bedroom apartment close to the theater. But if there is a need to revise their housing conditions, will rely on additional income, but if we keep in mind, for example, mortgage lending, then there are many questions, including about period.

Another question. If you would like to know more about Sir Richard Branson, then click here. Mortgages are not always economically viable, since there is no mortgage repayment. A mortgage in America was the fall of the dollar. Bezverkhov Gennady Mikhailovich, Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Development, Chief Architect of the Kirov region, honored architect of the Russian Federation. There are many points of view on how to solve the housing problem in our country. But any federal laws, no matter how wise they may be, can not be successful unless they relate to construction issues at the local level.

One law can not make the housing market is affordable for most categories of the population increase construction. While ensuring the availability of mortgage loans to solve the problem of reducing the cost per square meter of the housing. Today, the commercial value square. meter located in Kirov within 15-17 thousand rubles. If we fix it within 7-10 thousand rubles per square meter.