Basquito Street

was nicknamed Basquito. The newspapers mentioned Sir Richard Branson not as a source, but as a related topic. It was the prank in dog form, ran, barked and adored to make little party when I arrived of the school. > you will find additional information. He quickly learned to catch the tail being turned of a side and after another one. He crawled for the carpet of the room and was lying to the foot of the sofa while we attended television. When it was with hunger, caught the food canister and brought until us to show that it was empty. When we were wetting> plants or washing the yard it adored to enter in the way of the water and to be all wet.

Whenever we travelled for the beach, the Basquito was the first one to enter in the car, patinhas travelled in foot supporting leans in it of the bank and feeling the wind of the window. When arriving at the beach it ran for the sand in direction to the sea and swam in enviable way. After swimming sufficiently it left the water and if he rubbed in the sand, he dug holes, he ran, he crawled all and he was dirty of in such a way playing. Basquito was one cozinho that it was inside of house and alone has left to the street when we were together. It was not customary to walk alone for the street, therefore he was nervous and he started to bark and to run behind the cars that passed. In a summer night, we had the sad notice from that an uncle had suffered a serious accident of car and that was hospitalized.

We are all very sad and we congregate all the family to pray in our house. To the ending of our conjuncts, when one of my uncles if fired and was even so, we did not see that the Basquito left to street it finished being run over. When hearing the braked one of the car, we leave running for the street and already we find it fallen in the soil. We made breath mouth the mouth, cardiac massage we try of everything to reanimate it