Kill Blog

Continues to be more free. If the first part of the main killers of the blog were cockroaches in my head and not the right marketing strategy, today in our hit parade the next killer – the content. Indeed one can competently all plan, decide on a niche, regularity, etc., but awful to do the most important thing – content. In fact the only reason people go to the blog – to read something valuable, useful and interesting. Generally, the topic of course, also greasy, and the most interesting is that often people who do not spend too much time her follow their same recommendations. Perhaps it's just another one of those to which the appeal when there is nothing to write. I have something to write, but it so happened that one section of my blog is called – "Creating a blog", so to get around this theme can not. Let's start with the original content.

Well, tell me this horse is understandable. Damn horse is not clear. Before writing this post took a look, what people write on this topic. Good old Google has issued dozens of pages as the search result, began to study. Outcome dashing – 7 blogs, the same article about the "unique content" word for word! Hochma. So why tyrit bad? May Conversely thing then? 5 minutes of work a day, every day for 5 posts than not a freebie? How much the world insists that the freebie for idiots. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Coupang.

There is no way to on another's back and once in paradise. A little blood, of course you can do, but rarely freeloader earn normal money, not least because he had nothing to sell, he does not own ego. Take for example the case described above article about the "unique content" is actually everything is very clear. Bulk Bloggers are not promoting their goods and services, and earns affiliate – AdSense, Sape or others. In this case, and the creation of 20 splogov usual thing. Although with such a line monetize your blog, there are a sufficient number of techniques change the original content. So they certainly can be and will kill your blog, but it is not serious business, and self-indulgence. This article is not about how to design the 1000 monozygotic "twins to earnings from advertising. It is assumed that the blog was created in order to advance his own face. In this case, the customer is no fool and blind! Therefore it is very quickly understand everything, draw conclusions, in the end, the main task blog – the creation of your brand as a specialist in any area will fail. Have you no one will buy! A potential customer better go back to where the content is really original and worthwhile. In addition, there are search engines, for which original content, not the latest thing, and they will be omitted in search results, lower and lower, eventually all may be kicked from the index. Originality of content, it is only one aspect of them. Content may be original, but boring, useless, banal, silly, even repulsive. All this is just not playing at promoting your blog. With this more difficult, but it come with time!