Is Wikileaks The World Silent?

Is Wikileaks the world silent? -“Who is talking about renewable cash now still open?” This is the question of Alexander Graf Lambsdorf. “Collecting valuable impressions and information prevents errors and thereby also conflicts.” (Source daily mirror Kol 9.12.10. P. 8). The man probably wants the success his father, Otto Graf Lambsdorf, connect and trying – on a popular topic, to come forward, to great out come to. As a Liberal, you could choose no better way because it is a liberal issue, with high explosive.

Liberal, liberal disposition, however, has no significance and importance when Mr Lambsdorf, you should ban Mr Julian Assange the mouth and deprive the “collected works”, humanity, is not more liberal thought. Mr Lambsdorf can be reassured, it is just a special group of people granted access to the “diplomatic, misleading works”. A prerequisite is that the documents published interested, the English language perfectly Lord is. Due to lack of interpreters and translators in the media, on the whole, bring nothing, all different linguistic Internet user and user of the insight into the dispatches are excluded, it may further be talking so. I have been an English German translater to help and can only confirm that it was really misleading. A good suggestion would be that all diplomats in the future save their misleading, complicated details, only in Latin, with the help of Translaters in the databases, so that they can themselves no longer understand their gossip, don’t tell anyone and in the best case – only the Vatican so wrong can derive.

But it is not expected that the diplomats now all wrap in silence and stay away from their work, the chatter. A diplomat who babbles not is also not a diplomat. You can not give actually silenced and that are also not silenced and as long as chat still misleading, complicated details, if you are not going to ban Wikileaks, this public and to make it transparent for all.