Requirements For The Scooter Driver

Compared scooter licence on one side and cars driving on the other side are the requirements for former incomparably higher. The 15th then only a 25 cc scooter can go after, and this also no faster than 25 km/h. For young people this is the only way of motorcycle driving. When the adolescents then licence would complete the roller, he can do that at each Fahrschule roller. After he has joined the school of his choice, the eight-week theory training begins.

The students should work with it well, because at the end of eight weeks, the final exam that tests his knowledge of the traffic regulations, legal issues and appropriate driving behaviour is. Luckily the examinee must answer while not all questions correctly for the existence. Scooter entitled driving passed the examination to the scooter, twice falling through is this allowed, at the third attempt it should work then. 15 young people then may 25 Km/h speed, 16, a speed of 45 kilometers per hour is allowed. In any case, a deliberate start in road traffic is recommended. The young adult is finally ready to make the car driver’s license, he has already a motorcycle career behind him in most cases, while those already traffic experience could be gained. After all he was allowed to drive even a 1950’s scooter as fortune. The driving experience, he has already achieved it, is the best possible preparation for the later car drive.

The scooter riders dominated the traffic rules and signs. This knowledge he had to prove license already for the small moped. The cautious driving, requires running a two Wheeler, has trained the young driver in the quick respond. The greater speeds in the car will give him therefore also no major difficulties. So, the young road users has even the best conditions for the existence of the car driving licence created. Neither theory nor practice should represent therefore a problem for him, even though differ from car and motorcycle in some driving. The early participation of traffic with a scooter is only to advise any young people that so the exam later licence will mean definitely no great hurdle for the car. Kudret Navid