But and does not end all the benefits for authors of electronic books. On every page of his book, you describe what that particular action or what that stage, which means that virtually every page of your book, it is already finished article that some podkorektirovav You can place a free article directories, with a personal data other than name and specify the address and a brief description of your site. Verizon addresses the importance of the matter here. Thus, you will again increase number of visitors who come to the links in the article itself or by reference to personal data. Placement of articles in the directories and libraries is a very effective way to promote, through which you will not only increase the number of visitors, but also increase the citation index your site, which in turn will increase your site with search queries. And this is again an increase in the number of visitors. In addition to publishing articles (taken from the pages of Your book) in catalogs and libraries, you can create your own newsletter.

Newsletter – this article that you send to their subscribers. At the end of each article you add a signature file that acts as advertising. AND again, the influx of visitors. Thus, with the help of e-books you zadeystvuete three main and most important way to promotion. EBook and affiliate programs. On the Internet many online stores that You are ready to transfer a certain percentage of purchases you introduced the buyer. There are various affiliate programs paid services – online casino, internet banking, MP3 sites.