International Management

1 September to study at the bachelor's program gsom initiated 183 freshmen and 91 enrolled in the profile "International Management", 57 people – Profile "Financial Management" and 35 – to profile "Marketing". A total of Bachelor's degree program in 2009 was filed 991 application. Overall competition for low cost space was 8.53 statements in place. Entrants in the gsom showed a high level of training. The average value of the sum scores scored on three subjects ege, the complainant is 212 entrants have entered – 232. A similar indicator of students enrolled in low places, was 247 points. Passing grade on the success passage of an additional entrance tests in math, up respectively by profiles courses: International Management – 312 Financial Management – 321 Marketing – 314 the first year ba program Received 84 medalists – it is 46,2% of today's freshmen School (2008 – 77, 38.5% of the course). In total, this year's School received 330 applications from the medal winners (last year – 185). Successfully received Olympiad winners spsu 'The modern manager', which was held in School in the spring of 2009. First year students have all three of a diploma of I degree, and 19 people received certificates of ii degree and 27 – diploma of iii degree. Geography sets: the first rate represented 34 regions of the Russian Federation and Belarus, and . Nonresident and foreign students make up 32.4% of the total number of freshmen..