Insurance Rating

CosmosDirekt also in the motor insurance-front specialty supplier mix front with first ibi research carries out the evaluation of websites for the insurance industry established in the banking sector. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. The CosmosDirekt as prevailed in the assessment of the individual product insurance overall with a first place. With approximately 100 million insurance policies, the Division of the Kraftfahrversicherung is the one with the largest stock of insurance. Also, it is the largest branch of non – life and accident insurance with a premium income of approx. EUR 20 billion. EUR 12.5 billion accounted for the area of insurance. As also in the overall evaluation, CosmosDirekt at the top can put in the context of insurance.

It provides in particular a very good product-centric suggestion with a degree of target achievement of the applied criteria of 92%. Strong support of throughout the evaluation phase with a 94% compliance with criterion is out. The BGV Badische Insurance companies shows that even a smaller company can secure a leading position in the rating of websites. She can score buying particularly in the phases of the evaluation, and especially in the phase. Allianz Insurance shows across consistent goal achievement levels on all relevant criteria and achieved a degree of target achievement of very good 66% in the quality of the advice. You remains but without the outstanding solutions to other providers, but also without their sometimes large gradations in each category.

In addition, it is noted that three rated the Alliance as the only company in all individual products (in addition to the motor insurance home insurance as well as the capital life insurance these are) among the best five insurance companies. The Alliance of 24 and the Hanoverian directly show their specialist competence four and five in the valuation of insurance with the courts. Both insurers are included only in the sample for the insurance, show however impressively, that they are here can claim. The top 5 of the ibi website rating 2009 insurance, motor insurance product: rank company 1 CosmosDirekt 2 BGV 3 Alliance 4 Alliance 24 5 Hanoverian directly nearly 60 Web sites of the largest German insurance companies were in the categories of consulting quality and usability assessment. The quality of advice indicates how well to advise and care insurance customers in the Internet. The second category of usability assesses the usability of the site for the customer. By more than 330 detail criteria is used to determine in how far the sites of insurance companies implement the required criteria of a successful Internet sales.