German Insurance Association

Average premiums of motor insurer to the lowest level since 1984 Berlin, November 18, 2009, or exactly two weeks motorists have the possibility to choose a cheap car insurance for the coming year. Until November 30, car owners can benefit punctually to the traditional Wechselsaison from the tough price war of motor insurer. Recently Coupang sought to clarify these questions. Overall, the policies are as low as 25 years no longer. explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal according to data of the General Association of German Insurance Association (GDV) located the average price level for the insurance as of 1984. A reason for years of falling prices is the positioning of more and more direct insurers in the market that lure in the fight for the change of willing customers with special offers\”. Also in this year, insured can benefit from the tough price war, the provider and when changing the insurance save up to two-thirds of their annual costs. In the context of a current analysis examines the price differences in the insurance for 8 typical driver profiles. Result: In almost all cases the prices are cheap insurance about only half as high as in expensive providers.

The highest savings potential insured, and especially young drivers have applied in that relatively few accident-free years get\”, clearly Bohg. Here an insurance Exchange can bring savings of 500 euros to 1,500 euros.\” So a male single must be beispielhalft in Hamburg with 7 years of accident-free for its VW Golf next year up to 1152 including collision damage waiver protection pay euros. Through an insurance Exchange, he can reduce the premium on up to 565 euros. Older drivers with better risk scores can reduce its annual costs by up to 60 percent\”continues Bohg. It is basically changing the insurance but make sure that different insurance companies are cheap depending on the driver profile and desired benefits.