EFE woman, 82 years old, reportedly died of natural causes. Their daughter, 40, suffered from severe disability and blindness and died after not receiving the care they needed. You will this Sunday be practiced them autopsy. The Local police of Astorga (Leon) has located the bodies of a woman of 82 years who would have died by natural circumstances and their daughter, 40, who suffered a severe disability and blindness, and who, apparently, died at not receiving the care they required. Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. Neighbors had alerted who for several days had no news of both women, who lived in the first floor of the number 15 of calle San Juan, Astorga, according to police sources confirmed on Sunday. The corpses were found at the last minute on Friday, and officers found that both women had been dead for several days. Their bodies were transferred to the Institute of Medicine of Ponferrada, where this Sunday is practiced them the autopsy, according to the same sources. See more: found dead a woman and her disabled daughter in Astorga. Oracle describes an additional similar source.