Informed Planning Pregnancy

The first and most important, that I want to say is that the planning of pregnancy should be informed! About the child's birth is a wonderful phrase: "To decide to have a baby, then agree that now is your heart walked out of your body. " And only after the birth of his child, you know how much this is true! Unfortunately, the planning of the child in many families did not begin on the need and willingness to bear children. A type of thoughts: I'm already 25 children time to plant, and it will then go to the old mama's parents had already fed up, require grandchildren, maybe they're right – it's time we have been married for as much as 2 years old, it would be time to get a child and began: to become pregnant, birth and then all sorts of surprises. Child refuses to sleep in the allotted time, and sometimes not at all lies. Crying very loud and impossible to understand what he wants at 4 am.

How can he spit out a delicious porridge? Well I ask as you sit in a wheelchair, I have that hands plastered with honey? Yes, and the figure after childbirth, where is she? Preparing for parents Postpartum depression begins and more commonly, as a rule, unprepared mothers. One must realize understand and accept that with the advent of the baby in your family much will change. Need to rethink their habits, like smoking in the kitchen, the father should, ideally, stop smoking, or getting used to smoke on the street. And to do it on stage pregnancy planning, and not happy when Mom and extraordinarily beautiful baby was brought home. The nearest rest, too, to postpone indefinitely. Baby needs Mama! My friends have left for two weeks in Thailand, When their son was 3 months.

The child stayed with his grandmother. The question arises, they may soon become parents? Three-month course the kid was lucky that he has a grandmother, but this time he ever needs a mom and dad. Walking with son on the playground, I talked with my mother blue-eyed little girl – Katya. Katia young and beautiful began to meet with an adult man who has a former wife and children. This he claimed. Met a little he wished that she had given birth to a child. In love and happy she agreed, moreover, about the marriage question was not. The test revealed two strips. After birth, the newfound dad blown away in his old family. Katya now has its pride – a daughter. And all of them good, but in the eyes sometimes read the sadness and regret. When a person eats an apple in a hurry, if only to satisfy hunger and thinks about his affairs, he does not feel the taste of the apple. Another thing is when you give attention to what you eat, enjoy every otkusannym piece, you feel full taste and aroma of fruit. Likewise, so you do not feel sorry that you missed something – you need to consciously approach to planning for pregnancy and opportunity to become a parent! Planning for pregnancy – is a fascinating and unforgettable experience! What to say feel the first tremor of his baby pictures ultrasound, which really only you know – the head, but it's hands. You waiting for an amazing journey to meet with your child – your extension! Prepare and enjoy it in full!