Information Destruction

Memory a case that occurred when it worked in a company of telecommunications years ago. We in the heat of were process of change of the Call Center. It is not something “State Street Global Advisors
would like to discuss. The change from a building to another one took place. The certain thing, is that the desktop computers were piled up in a room because they were going to be sold. Somebody commented that there was people who had taken several computers. The loss of these equipment implied not only the economic value of the same, but also of data of business related to the management of clients, who are fundamental for one company of telecommunications. Logically the relational BBDD of clients was not lost but essential data of business outside the organization filtered, and whose destiny was unpredictable. Logically we had remained calmer if processes of destruction of supports had settled down.

In order to avoid this kind of problems, first that there are to have it is an inventory. Since if not what I have , no I know what I must destroy. In the own inventory it is important to specify what supports are destroyed and which no. That is to say, those that have exhausted their service life. Once we know what we have and what we are going to destroy, to the supports it is necessary to undress to them of all the information that contain. In the case of computer science supports it is necessary to put special attention in the extrables supports, as they are tapes, discs, discs of flash, units (drives) of hard disk, CD, Dvds.

As far as the printed supports its destruction happens through the nonuse of wastebaskets. The use of destroyers of paper, that from our point of view is the most effective mechanism of destruction of the information, even against the use of containers on the part of companies of paper treatment is very recommendable that are in charge of their later destruction. Perhaps the solution would have been in the good practices of ISO 27002. udea Security of the Information Department of Management