There are around the world a number of exporters that systematically with importers carry out their activities with a joint bonding with regard to international trade. The exporters as well as importers have groups where in jointly their problems are resolved and are oriented the concerns arising from the additional difficulties that international trade represents above local trade, these difficulties of the most various kinds and often unimaginable if it were a simple local trade negotiation. The same difficulties with regards to international insurance and in favour or against impacts derived from the exchange rate are among the primary concerns of exporters when taking their actions. There are a number of professionals who provide advice to exporters in order to provide them with the necessary elements that allow them to confront the most important risks of this profession making them a very simple fix task in statutory or independent way. They exist numerous exporters around the world and some of them particularly centralized in terms of telephony which is that which is carried out a greater volume of transactions measured in dollars annually within the technology category. Exporters in some countries enjoy certain privileges arising from favourable tax treatments or certain concessions in the granting of quotas of export for those products whose trade is limited.

Few also is given in the case of the existence of different types of change preferential whose main objective was the development of international trade and thereby benefited indirectly to exporters. Finally it is important to note that exporters in certain aspect are an excellent source of foreign exchange for many countries becoming in some cases into the main source of income to the country. Many countries because they are strategically located enjoy the benefits of being part of certain economic agreements and may thus have Commerce with other passes that in case There is no the implied economic unions would be almost practically unthinkable.