Holiday Toasts

For you, I drink, my love to your life ran long, the golden shining your way, So I was with you sometime. I love, hate, you can always blame … for you now I'm going to drink, my favorite! *** I have 40 degrees in a glass I say keep at the ready words his beloved mother, I can not keep silent. I congratulate you happy birthday wanted, I gave up everything, soul, love, whole lot of important things. Live, please, for us, Breathe! – And happy son. That's all I ask of now … What is your faithful son! *** Well, that day happened – When you were born. Well, that is sedimentation, for you we drink, eat.

Well, you – our friend, well, that tight circle, well, that there is a reason to drink, eat, eat! *** A glass, 40 degrees, Festive bow. I wish you happiness coach. Let a dream come true Birthday Party, May there always being accomplished all that you want. *** Yes, a difficult day today, never let sadness shadow does not cover the face of light, only – happiness on the road. I'm 40 degrees glotnu, say good words, and you will have a better fate in the gift is given! *** The Birthday sit at you – Your best friends in the world. And I can tell without unnecessary embellishment, no friends in the world better than us. That's what Let pours the wine, pour over a good friendship! *** I loved Happy Birthday congratulations: the good, beautiful. And a toast to the support of all friends, Because I'm talking from the heart: You are – light, heat, and you – pure ray, I am sad without you and bored! My toast native for you! I congratulate and I love you!