Painting Walls And Ceilings Airbrush

Wall painting in the interior art painting today is applied in two ways: with a brush (the most popular option) and an airbrush (modern and very promising technology). Painting the wall that you see on the photographs, made airbrush. When it comes to painting the walls in the interior, you should consider several important factors: the cost of painting walls, turnaround time, quality murals. The optimum combination of three most important factors in the price-quality-time is possible only when the artist has the appropriate higher education and work experience, the company (or artist) is capable of flexible pricing policy, moreover, she feels responsibility and discipline and so quickly performs all phases of work. The combination of relatively rare for the art market services, where a lot of eccentric and unbalanced individuals imagined themselves as geniuses. But when a performer is found, the process begins to work. The painting is performed, as you know, not right away. First, solve organizational issues: what material should be applied paint, how much work (measured in m2) and in what time to meet.

If the first stage is successfully negotiated, then begins the cycle of artwork. Aerografist travels to the object, where it meets with the customer and listens to his suggestions for painting the room, gives his thinking and doing photo interiors, which will cause a signature. The customer pays the cost of sketches (in different studios, it varies) and the artist begins work. As a rule, do some sketches, each of them should be proportionate to the objectives of the customer. Work on the thumbnails can take a long time, so it is desirable to specify the period within which it must be done. When designs are ready, the customer exploring the options available and selects the best. Then solve the problem pre-payment (usually it is 50% of all the artwork painted on), to the date of the order (it is important to remember that the more time you give the artist, the better the result).