High Stakes Poker

Well, I wanted to analyze a play that I found online of Phil Ivey, we are in the High Stakes Poker in the 3rd season, level of blinds $ 300 / $ 600, and the following occurs: Well, I wanted to analyze a play that I found Phil Ivey’s Internet, we are in the High Stakes Poker in the 3rd season, level of blinds $ 300 / $ 600, and the following occurs: The player David Williams gets into UTG +1 after Negreanu Folder, up to ( Js 9c) to $ 1,800 which is already a pot of $ 3,400, the next player is Brad Booth to reup the bet with (4s 2s) to $ 5800, seeing this fear that we find the typical Loose Aggressive, since 9200 there $ in the POT, but after the Fold of Esfandiari, Phil Ivey you are dealt (Kh Kd), while in the small blind, which makes re-raise the ante one more time, until then either echo by Ivey, taking the Cowboys and putting the 3rd raise, to $ 14,000, you must protect your hand and after D’Agostino folder and the first Raiser Williams. It is the turn of Booth Stack has a lot choose to view, try to believe that Ivey has a pair or AK, or even bullets. Before seeing the flop Booth asks that the Ivey behind him, he was told that $ 280,000, into a pot of about $ 31,000 the flop falls, 3d 7s 6d, the first to speak is to decide Ivey bet $ 23,000 as three quarters of the pot, then the percentage is for Ivey with the Kings with 80% -20% in his favor, since the other player has internal ladder, or is called by Barriga Gudshot also has a very difficult color backdoor dropping two more spades, something really almost impossible to happen.

This is where the action, Booth wants to “bluff colarle Champion” and decide to move all in for about $ 280,000 into a pot of about $ 54,000. In response, Ivey looking at the possible hands of the rival, may have come up with any pair of 33, 66 or 77, the face of this situation is practically dead, may be able to carry the Diamond and have Flush Draw, although the All-in movement is a little weird having a 30% win might have pre-flop raise with suited connectors suit as 4-5 but perhaps for the position, this hand … For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. perhaps a Overpair ruled from 99 to the QQ which makes him the winner on that occasion to have the Kings, but such time must have thought in a hand that you may have a rival, was shot as three minutes thinking about their potential Ivey hands until the end, could not go all in for fear of September 1 or Aces, at least I think me. Ivey finally withdrew, a little hurt, because it is always tempting to put you all-in with the flop and your taking Reyes, but as I always say, “need to know to retire on time,” this time has gone Farol Booth well, but imagine that take AA or echo Set flop, the master would fold Ivey by their reading. In any case, much Bluff Booth and though others think otherwise withdrawn Good Ivey, mostly I prefer the words of the commentator, “I have put three hundred Thousand in cash with the four high” xD. Soon more hands to analyze the web without a salute to Kulyn more and thank you very much..