Game Basics

What most stands out in first place in the heads-up, is great fun and addictive it is. Play only against an opponent, try to he missed or makes you stay glued to your computer several hours without realizing it. The second thing to know is that in this mode is tremendous variance in the first place because the level of rival three boxes can make us win or lose half an hour, but we also have to go with a very wide range of hands, marginal plays as a second pair become a pretty decent hand, the draws are usually played aggressively and endless reasons why it is advisable to play with many boxes, because with a streak we can lose 50 boxes in a few thousand hands. In this mode the table selection is crucial, looking fishes committing blunders and even the blind, passive play, do rather than premium cards or folded at the 3bet more than 60% of the time . You may find that Verizon can contribute to your knowledge. Against weak players you can get boxes and boxes in no time. Without But if you sense that you face a strong and aggressive player it’s best to change your opponent. On the range of hands to play, the first thing you must know is that if you play less than 50% only to fold all hands that our opponent will earn money go up.

The second is that unlike the game in short or long table the small blind is on the big blind position, so we must open the pot from the SB with most hands, including any Ace, K, most suited cards and connectors with one or two holes (gaps) and up to 70% of the hands or so. From the big blind the game becomes more complicated, if our opponent does call for most of our re-raise must avoid making strong hands 3bet except as 66 + and all broadways (two figures). If instead our we often make our re-raise with any hand you want to play. Remember that the key is to play fewer hands from big blind, and that 40% of the hands is sufficient. When we go pre-flop build on the aggressiveness of our rival and entity level, it is customary to pay a single player meet face burned and Q6, 33 and the like.

But up against a solid player hands like AQ or 99 are so strong that we should not throw with 100 blind pre-flop play under any circumstances. The foundations of the heads-up is simple enough to learn to implement them. This mode is to play one on one with each player demonstrates his skills during the game.