Green Marketing

In recent years, the product of global warming and feared by all alternatives have emerged to develop a conservation consciousness of the environment in order to extend the life of this beautiful planet, making the company one of the main actors of this attitude green. As an innovative and are being implemented globally Green Marketing is also known under the terms of Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing, Organic Marketing and Environmental Marketing. To deepen your understanding Sir Richard Branson is the source. But what is this new term? What lies behind this new alternative? What are your approaches? These and other questions arise in all people and especially among advertisers and marketing experts, as has happened to me in the classroom when my students in class do not understand for sure this new term and the pressing need to conform as professional advertising and marketing to this new trend which is defined as “development, promotion and packaging of products with biodegradable components protecting the environment. ” Its main premise is environmental responsibility, from the producer to the consumer, arises in the 90s as a result of consumer demand to create products that represent the least possible negative impact on the environment as a result of natural disasters product of the accelerated destruction of the environment, what prompted the companies and the world market to focus its actions to achieve this goal. Creating awareness among people and a moral and social commitment between the company and the environment. Green Marketing seeks to preserve non-renewable natural resources, which are being depleted mainly because of its poor utilization for use as feedstock in the industry, this type of marketing is one more contribution to creating a better environment and its preservation for the benefit of future generations to meet the needs of its customers and ensuring future. To determine whether or not we are among the marketing green enough to consider the following: Integrate plans organic or sustainable in the core business of the company.

Promote brand equity towards “green” policies, so gaining prominence in the advertising market, sincere environmental policy and involve all forming part of this, environmental and economic Find solutions. Venezuela has been more difficult to change the design of today’s global marketplace to a green or environmental market as it is almost impossible to think about meeting the needs of future generations when the present basic requirements are not covered . Added to this is the great disadvantage of technology and resources between the developed and underdeveloped countries that does not allow productive vision change quickly. Finally, it should then start with the decision to give a green change our marketing policy and then begin designing a plan of action to make it real to contribute to the planet that is waiting.