System Requirements

There are good players, but there are better. In this review, we'll discuss one of the best video player for Windows – bs Player, a product from the developers of Slovenia. People such as Virgin Airlines would likely agree. This product is available in two versions, ordinary (so-called Free-version) and Pro. First, as the name implies – is free, and the second – the sales, with some additional features. It should be noted that recently the Pro-version is updated more significantly than free her sister. But were not born free shita. That's it, I often installed onto your pc (though I use Linux and Windows to other players – Mlpayer'om).

So, Free-version bs Player. Minimum System Requirements – Windows 95, which can not form the users of old computers. The installation program (weighing about 3 megabytes) is an installer based on the technology of nsis. Simply put, the 'installer like Winamp'. When you install you can select the language, including Russian.

Later, this language can be changed via the menu Options> Language. Figure 1. Interface with bs Player is very beautiful – thanks to the themes,'shkurkam 'that may be of any shape, as in the modern Winamp. Complete bs Player are four 'skins', one more beautiful than the other (especially Notice the two 'skins' from the series MediBox). And you can download additional themes from the main site of the program -. Speaking of Winamp – bs Player supports audio plugins from Winamp. Not everyone, of course, but only those that are classified as dsp (Digital Signal Processor).