Fitness Levels

Fitness levels have been increased by more comprehensive training, a physical and psychological preparation more intense, and even some custom sports equipment and ergonomically adapted to the anthropometric measurements of each athlete in order to increase joint stability, muscle strength, control your fatigue and thereby increase the performance of all their sports skills. Ergonomics, understood as a multidisciplinary methodology sought to bring the products, systems and artificial environments to the needs, constraints and characteristics of users, improving their efficacy, safety and welfare, is attracting a growing interest among various professionals in engineering, medicine, psychology , sociology, architecture, or design of sports equipment, among others (3). In handball, as in other team sports, each player performs a specific function during the game but with the peculiarity that all launches conducted goal, which is often performed in suspension, so it must have a suitable physical form of the thigh and leg strong or support (15). There are several commercial firms engaged in trade to sell and study the way a tech sock may be more comfortable for an athlete in terms of practice carried out and when that is done, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, environments warm, wet, dry, well, under different climatic conditions. After the relevant literature review found that only a marketing firm manufactures and distributes technology-intensive socks that improve aerobic and anaerobic performance of high-level sport as previous studies for this entity. And this is supported by a study by the Center for Sports Medicine of Zaragoza, the article concluded that “in sports dominance of the upper extremities, such as canoeing, redistribution of flow through the mesh compressive lower limbs produces a significant improvement in VO2 max. blood lactate and maximum improvement in energy efficiency and lower blood lactate per charge.