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FIT press service April 2010 content of the FIT press service April 2010 FIT travel expertise burn-out and stress management 1 FIT burn-out-special holiday for inner peace and stability Schloss Warnsdorf, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany 2. prevention programme tackling stress relaxation and exercise on the coast Beach Hotel on the Weissenhauser strand, Baltic Sea, Germany 3 anti – stress & burn-out package fitTipp: stress therapy in the cold Chamber AlpenMedHotel lamb, Seefeld, Austria of 4. Ayurveda against exhaustion FIT offer to turn away from home Lotus Villa, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka 5 stress killer Thalasso FIT charges the battery on Movenpick resort & marine spa, Sousse, Tunisia information sheet: Burnout Burnout, a common symptom of many people have forgotten the ability to relax. With great ambitions and penchant for perfectionism they can no longer manage, with the force necessary to deal with the heavy loads of everyday life. This situation in conjunction with inner stress often ends with a so-called burn-out syndrome, the Burned out – being\”, followed by weariness and uncertainty. First symptoms show up, what now? The early burn-out syndrome is treated, the faster an appreciable improvement can be achieved. A first step is done, if for a certain period of time which I\”stands in the foreground.

It is important to leave the normal environment and to plunge into a new and relaxing environment. So can be to focus on their own needs and to draw new strength learned, for example, while a corresponding holiday again. To do this, learn relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation; Sport and exercise are also important building blocks to recovery. In addition, talks and undergo can be important components. FIT travel offers appropriate health for the different stages of the burn-out syndrome. FIT burn-out-special holiday for inner peace and stability Schloss Warnsdorf, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany-Frankfurt am Main, March 25, 2010. For people, the is with acute stress and burn-out symptoms face, FIT, travel has put together a special offer.