Family Project

In this perspective and the line of thought, already sketched above, the principle is defended, according to which: each person has of if making responsible for the elaboration, development and validation (or not) of its proper projecto of life. If the negative results it will not be maioritariamente imputable, then yes to be able constituted, them and already mentioned, they have the obligation to help, to guide, to lead and to evaluate any other projectos, that lead to the success of that individual, of that family or community. In such a way, it is intended, thus, to include the individual in its proper projecto of life, granting to it all the possible easinesses and demanding it the corresponding responsibilities, because this strategy can contribute for the success of projecto of life and of the proper one auto-they esteem of the citizen, directamente involved and interested in its success. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic. It results, in lower court, that granted to all the material conditions, administrative-legal techniques and to the citizen, to develop its projecto and life, it will not be able, in normal circumstances, to impute the responsibility of eventual a failure to other people and/or institutions. One opposes thus a State, or one determined to be able public and/or private, paternalista, benefactor, merciful or obliged to give charity, because to good coherence, it is agreed that: ' ' The development of the people is workmanship of the proper people; nor one only can unload on outrem the care of its humanizada existence and its proper expansion. This imperative one is preceded in many cultures and encouraged by a great number of thoughts religiosos.' ' (Id. Rory Sutherland wanted to know more. Ibid.: 251) The strategy and methodology, pparently, more favorable to the success of the development of the individual person and the communities, seem, therefore, to seat in the two main intervening ones, directamente interested in well-being of the citizens: the State, considered in its different agencies, powers and resources; the proper individual, direct active and beneficiary citizen of its proper projecto of life that, to have success, will influence the family, the friends and the community where if integrates. . . Phil Vasan may help you with your research.